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The following page is a mess, I will refine it eventually.

  • This site will probably be quite boring to you unless you’re interested in languages or learning a little bit about me or what I enjoy.
    • If you don’t find it interesting, that’s fine, my target audience is me.
  • Navigation may be a bit crazy on this blog because I intend to lean toward the digital garden style of website.
    • Some things may be surfaced over time and some things may be hidden by other entries and that’s okay.
    • Click around aimlessly or use the search bar and see what comes up!
    • Pages may move, change or be deleted at any time.
  • There might be some cringe on this site somewhere.
  • If you want to use any of this text to train AI, DON’T. You do not have my permission.
    • That would be stealing, please don’t steal.
  • I’m not tracking you with analytics, I’m not serving you ads, I don’t have a newsletter and I don’t care who you are. (I’m not sure about neocities though as an FYI.)
  • Browse freely and have fun. Thanks for stopping by!
  • I might mention Refold a lot but this is not an ad or sponsorship nor will I naysay you if you’re a language learner who likes other methods ((unless you want to attempt to get fluent with Duolingo alone)).
    • It’s a rabbit hole I have followed with interest for a long time from the days of AJATT to MIA and now Refold.
  • While some topics in this blog may be serious sometimes, it’s not intended to be a super serious space. It’s whatever I want to make it in the moment.
  • I may contradict myself as I grow and change opinions on things, such is the nature of a digital garden, it’s a journey.
  • I’m open to feedback and constructive criticism, I may not use it all but if it’s useful I will listen. I may not always agree but it doesn’t mean that other people won’t find it helpful.
    • Show me examples, I love examples.
    • Show me proof, I love proof.
    • Show me your attempt, I love a trier.

Credit: Swyx’s Digital Garden TOS - This is a better name for the page than I had originally used. I called it the “site disclaimer page” but this prompted me to rename it into something better. Thank you Swyx.